Wednesday -Year in industry progress

So I spent from August 2013 to about march 2014 looking for a placement for my YINI which is “year in industry”. This placement basically means you do your first 2 yeara at university then take a year out for your placement before doing your final year. The degrees are normally sandwhich courses and you will be maked on a peice of assessment for it.

I am a IT Management student which means I understand the business processes but I also have the knowledge for the IT side, meaning I can get a job as a IT manager in a business. 

In April/May I had an interview , call back and acceptance of a job as a Student IT technician in a school.

My first two months
Most placements start in septemeber, however mine startrd in June. For the first couple of weeks I was following round thw guy who was th current student. I learnt the basics of everything from afding users to the school system to taking apart machines. Once I got moee confident I was pretty much left to do what I wanted. I also had to oversee a class at lunch for homework club.

Check back in September for more posts about my placement

My tips for keeping cool in the summer

Welcome to britian, the weather is sunny with a high change of heat…

The UK is cooking with the amaxing sunshine we’ve been having. However its easy to forget how to stay healthy in this heat.

My first tip is all about exercise: If you do go to the gym then remember to take a drink with you. Keeping hydrate is important! ! If you start feeling dizzy or ill then stop straight away. Cant have you fainting now can we? !

Tip 2: Water!!
Like I said above hydration is important, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and to cool you down. I find that my amount of qater I drink increases in tge summer as it helps prevent my headaches from the sun

Tip 3:lip balm and suncream
Lipbalm will help your lips from becoming too chapped, I tend to suffer from chapped lips 24/7 365days a year, but its always worst in the summer and winter. Plus a cute colour/flavour lip balm is always a girls necessary. Sunscreen will help protect you from the suns rays. Even I’ve started using factor10 just for that protection.

Tip3: clothes
Theres a way to look fashionable yet cool in the summer. Try wearing light colours to reflect the suns rays off as black and dark colours absorb the rays making you hotter. If you cant get away with shorts and a boobtube or tanktop then wear loose clothing. A hat is also a great accessory.

Tip4: moles on your skin

This is an important tip. If you have moles on your skin (their kinda like really dark beauty spots) make sure you cover them up pr put sunscreen on!!! The sun can affect then making then change shape or worst. So always make sure you keep an eye on them in the sun! !

And lastly tip 5: Sun at lunch time
The sun is at its highest between 11 am and 1 pm  during these times try to stay inside or in the shade and wait for It to get coolrr before doing any activities.

So thats my top summer tips. Hope your enjpying the weather and remember to stay safe!

Music Monday- fallout boy YBC finale

Warning: may contain spoilers

So on the 21st / 22nd of May fallout boy released the last 2 videos to the young blood chronicals : miss missing you and save rock and roll .

I was amazed, I sat there watching pete get chased by patrick. I was on the egde of my bed literally gasping because I could see how miss missing you was going to end. Then on to save rock and roll, and we all knew Elton john would be in it and he did take the form of an Angel. The band saves everyone from Courtney love’s armg of “silence” women. But I have to admit I was a bit confused, the video its self suggests to me and another one of my friends that there should be a epilogue of some sort but thats the last song on the album.

Either way it was definatly worth the wait, especially to see Patrick return to “normal” and play with he’s band again…. I want to know whats in the box thought.

videos will be posted later tonight so keep an eye out if you havent seen them yet

Thoughts in the comments below what was your favourite part of the YBC and why?

My hair routine

Right so because I only do my hair once a week I thought that today would be a good day to tell you guys how I do mg hair. I have my hair chemical straigthened hence why I only do it once a week,  to avoid any major heat damage on it.obviously this step by step guilde is foe weekly washes and I will not be telling you how to chemical straigthen hair, ask your hair dresser about that because it is dangerous

Step 1

You need to wash you hair so this is the easy step. I suggest using the new herbal essence (see my review on that) as it does make your hair feel a lot more smoother and softer

Step 2

Blow drying.  Again this step is easy if you have a way thats comfie for you. However I remember my first time blow drying my hair and I was like “how am I meant to do this” . I soon found that if you section your hair into two halves you can effectively dry all of your hair, you may also need to focus on the roots specially if you have a tendency to wash your hair the night before styling. 
When blow drying remember to use heat protection : I suggest tresemme salon sleek frizz control. Not only does it work as a heat protector (better than the one actuallg for heat protection, my personal opinion) but it also has argan oil which is reallg good for your hair and frizz control.

Step 3 straigthen

Style your hair how you would have it down and straight,  eg I havw a side parting so I would put that in after nlow drying. Now if you have a way of straigthening your hair that works then go for that but for people who it is their first go heres my tip. Section off a small layer at thr back of your head just above your neck. This is layer one, pile the rest of the hair on top of your head and use clips to keep that there.  Straighten layer one and then use a hair bobble or elastic to keep that straigthen bit together.  Take the pile down and repeat, when done with that add tk the previous layer. I find this method easy as it means k dont miss any hair.

You also want to use argan oil or the tresemme salon sleek stuff while doing this just for protection (I have my straigtheners on high heat).

So yeah thats my free steps to how ti get straight hair :)

Reason why I havent posted


My my what a week its been. Sorry for the no posts week but I had to grt back to normal.

As I’ve said in one of my pervious posts I spent 3 nights in london for the MCM comic con expo…if you were there I was the mixed race girl dressed as Haurhi Suzimyia on saturday walking around with a splicer….I had an amazing time and on wednesday I will pop some pictures up. So apart from some personal issues I had fun and got loads of stuff ^_^ I feel so lucky to have been able to be one of the few for a whole weekend ticket too!

Anyways since ive got back ive been focusing on just enjoying time with my parents and boyfriend and trying not to spend money…however o did get a new phone :D

Next week I start my year in industry so I will keep you guys updated on that and I have 2 blog posts lined up for Monday and Tuesday so hopefully back on schedule. 

Welcome to Wednesday

So we are half way through the week and its been a bit boring. Apart from being ordered to buy factor 10 sunscreeb, for my back due to the fact I have “beauty spots” there, it’s been a hot yet boring week so far.

I’ve take the opportunity of this boring week to start a book which I will try to stay committed to.

Therefore Thursday’s book day will be a quick blog about that but also about the book I just finished called EPIC ….

Concluding note
I am going to be away from Thursday afternoon till Sunday evening therefore dont expect any blog posts. I am heading down to London for the MCM expo !

Hope y’all having a good week :)

Music Monday: Fallout Boy- Young Volcanoes

Hey Guys… So this is the first Music Monday Blog post…

Today its Fall Out Boy’s Young Volcanoes…Part 3 of the Young Blood Chronicles. I have been obsessed with this song for a good few weeks now and it is on constant play on my iPod, laptop and any other object that plays music. I love the guitar bits and the clapping the start of it and Partrick’s voice !!!!!

My favourite parts have to be the start of each versus as well as the part that goes “we will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes”!!! Best part ever :P

I did find the video a bit disturbing…not much but I was a bit like “say what” however could we expect anything less from the young blood chronicles (still hoping the final song “save rock and roll” has Sir Elton John dressed as an angel or something). However I do really love this song and it is second best to Rat-a-Tat on the Save Rock and Roll album. So yeah tell me what you think in the comments below and I want to know what your expectations will be for the video for the final 2 songs…..


Too hot for makeup?

Every summer/heatwave we get in the UK poses me with a problem…is it too hot to wear make up? I am talking from minilalistic to full on going out to get drunk makeup…The way I see it is that it depends how much and how fast you sweat. However it does make me wonder who people can go about with makeup on when it is COOKING outside. From autumn to almost winter I tend to wear: Primer,eye-shadow,mascara,eyeliner and lipstain. When it gets closer to winter, if I am going out then I apply foundation but I do tend to stay away from it for everyday use. Then in the spring I go back to how I wear my makeup before winter. The Summer comes and I am sat there in the morning thinking what to do…If I put on foundation or even primer will it have SPF to prevent my face from tanned.


I guess the purpose of this blog was to allow me to think about what I should be putting on my face in the summer. I’ve decided that if it is way tooooooo hot for humans to be outside (like how it was today 19/5/2014) then I shall wear no or minimal makeup which is just eyeliner and mascara and then build it from that point depending on what type of day it.

Bonus Topic: What to wear when it’s hot 

So I am a mixed race girl (my dad is from Barbados in the Caribbean and my mum is from well the UK)…I do not work well in the heat. I tend to overheat at the most colder times but in the summer its worst. So today I am in my dungeree shorts with a no sleeves top cooking myself on the bus when this guy comes on in a coat. I am thinking how the hell is he surviving in coat. I also saw a woman wearing a leather or PVC jacket with black jeans….This is where my question comes in: What do you wear when its hot? I tend to go for a dress or shorts and a no sleeve or short sleeve top to let me tanand to let my legs cool down when the wind comes. I would never dream about wearing a coat or something out when its sunny and I know its sunny and no going to rain or anything.


Herbal Essences Moroccan my shine

Completely forgot about this till now. So last week I went out and brought the new herbal essences shampoo and conditioner because my mum was like “oh yeah there’s a new one with that oil stuff you like”

Managed to use it the other day and let me tell you after washing my hair it felt just like it does after a trip to the salon.
My hair is naturally curly , but I made the decision about 5 years ago to chemically straighten it (which means the hair dresser comes to my house and spends 2 to 3 hours basically reverse perming it to get it straight). Because of the treatment and what I put on my hair on a weekly basis my hair can sometimes look unhealthy, specially after a week when its unbelievably greasy :/ that was unroll I used argan oil aka my hair life saver.

Using this new shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel noticeably soft. However as I said before I have to use a fair amount of heat so for added protection I used tresseme heat blow dry spray thing with argan oil , focusing on the ends, as well as the small bottle you can buy in primark. And my hair, since I did it on Tuesday , has felt soooooooooooo soft and its just effortless , it hasn’t greased up as much and still has the just washed and styled feel.