The one thing that bugs me about life

Okay so I don’t know if anyone’s see the picture relating to the amount of friends you gain over your life time but I can say it is true for me. At school I had a couple of good friends and some other friends however as I’ve moved up the educational ladder it seems that the number has been slowly decreasing due to people moving anyway or growing apart. This is li.d of upsetting in a way and makes you realise and appreciate those people who have been there the longest or still keep in touch.

Life of a Year2 Student #studentlife

Sooooo coming to the end of my second semster of my second year at university. 

We are currently at easter break however for me it works out that I only have to go back to universirty a couple of times before the end of the year. It feels so weird to say that soon I will be graduating (very soon). This year has been one hell of a rollercoaster. 

The one thing I learnt the most is that if you want a job doing dont trust the people in your group to do it because they will mess it up. Unless you can trust them that is. In many of my modules I have had the problem with people not doing work (NOTE: THIS IS A MINI RANT) which really annoys me, their paying £9000 a year to do nout… move ¬_¬” if theses lazy people weren’t at uni I bet I would be paying a lot less in tuition fees. What is worst is when they turn up half an hour or near the end of the lecture and sit there either playing games or not taking notes, how do you expect to pass…. you hopefully at uni for a reason (apparently some are there because they don’t know what they want to do because they have no ambition in life)…Rant over. for now. 

However I have also learnt more technical stuff to do with ICT and Management and the two mixed together and I have decided that my main career ambition now is a Business IT consultant. This is a lot more specific than what I originally wanted to do but I have learnt I enjoy and have a talent for identifying requirements and sorting out the business systems. 

If you guys have any questions about 1) my uni and uni experiences, 2) my course ;) or 3) anything related to this post please leave a comment below, I’ll love to hear from you :)

Summer is coming: my new pretty dress

Hey guyz ^_^

We’re in April and the weather in England is starting to look up. We keep getting the odd showers every now and then but it’s generally getting warmer. Also the shops are bringing out their new summer collections.

The dress I am going to talk about is a lovely floral pattern from Inspire by New Look. I get most of my clothes from the new look brand and when I saw this I couldn’t help but buy it.


Floral dress from New look inspire section

So this dress cost me £13.97 due to my NUS discount and is £14.99 full price. I absolutely love it. It fits so right that it’s not tight so it shows all lumps and bumps but not super baggy so it looks like a bag. I wore this dress with tights and at first my little boots (because of rain) but the second time I wore it I wore flats. It’s a nice little dress you can dress up and down depending on where your going. I wore it casual as it was date/meeting my boyfriend after work and going to he’s night. However if I was to go on a night out I would defiantly wear this with some wedge shoes.

So yeah that concludes my little post for my new dress. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Dress from New look
Makeup : urban decay foundation, primer,powder,lipstick. MUA mascara and eyeshadow and collection 2000 liquid eyeliner

Last box of pocky :(

Hey Guyz ^_^ ~

Sad sad day today…..I started munching on my last box of pocky :( 

I’ve had this box since MCM Birmingham in March (thanks to my boyfriend who understands my love for it) and it lasted me this long which is pretty good. However I really wanted something sweet and the box was there so I opened it and now I have no pocky D: 


Luckily for me I live in a town where I can easy get cheap pocky. There’s one shop in the centre called cyber candy (the same place that does happy kitchen) which sell pocky and peppero (korean version) however there is also the Day-In Supermarket which also sells pocky and peppero (which I also visit a LOT). 


So Yeah this is my little Pocky Obsessed Withdrawal blog :) 

Happy Kitchen Doughnuts

OMG … Theses are the most weirdest things I have ever tasted. 


Happy Kitchen is a Japanese brand that allows you to make your own sweet pastries. you get about 5 different sachets in a pack, a tray which you cut up and use to mix your stuff in and Japanese instructions. You can find however information on the net to help you make out what goes where. 

I would show you mine but it got a bit messy. 

Anyways I made them about 5 weeks ago and I thought I’ll see what my mum and dad thinks. They both HATED!!! the taste :O apparently it was too sweet for their liking. I however did enjoy it..alot…so at MCM March Birmingham I purchased the Kracie’s waffle thingy one.. I have no idea. However when I get round to making it I’ll be sure to video it and show you the mess you can create. 

These kits are amazingly fun and you can get them in all different styles such as the fast food one, bento box one there’s so many I cant think and their only about £5-£6 from Amazon or if you live near a candy shop which sells overseas food you might be able to get them there.(or try ;)

Ready Player One- A slight maybe spolierish blog about a book I’ve half read

So last week a friend was talking to me about an anime called SOA (Sword Art Online), for those of you who haven’t seen this its a story about loads of people who get stuck in a computer game where if you die there you die in RL (Real life). Me and my friend were talking about the games idea behind it, the body simulation, the fact you log in with a visor over your head and gloves on your hands to control the movements and the fact that it’s really easy for us to imagine this happening with in the years to come. Next Gen consoles are developing at a rapid rate and soon we may be able to immerse ourself into a MMORPG. 

Anyway back to topic…my friend told me about a book called “Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. He described it as a SOA just without them being stuck in there. So I went out and purchased it, so far I am on page 228 which is roughly 3/4 of the book. So let me tell you about it without trying to give away too much. 


The book starts in a dystopia earth some years in the future. Literally everything is running out or has ran out, only the rich (really really really rich) can afford luxuries while everyone else is on rations. We are introduced to a guy called Wade/Parzival whose parents have died when he was quiet young. He is raised by he’s uncaring Aunt and her scumbag current boyfriend. Like most people in the world he has a OASIS console which allows him to log into this MMORG and do whatever he wants, however due to the fact he has no money he is stuck on he’s school planet (yeah if your really good with a high score on your tests you can go to school in OASIS). 

The guy who created OASIS is called Halliday who died, i presume, before the start of the book, as the books first chapter is scene setting and telling you about Halliday and the OASIS it’s self. Before Halliday died he had coded into the OASIS 3 gates and the keys to open these gates. He also videoed himself giving instructions on what players should do. Basically saying I’ve hidden an Easter Egg somewhere in the OASIS, whoever finds it gets my money…. So the hunt for the Egg was on. 

People who were hunting the egg were called Gunters and wade is one of them. there are clans and solos, wade being the latter. 5 years had past and noone had managed to open the first gate untill something clicked in wades head to make he rethink everything. After heading to and defeating the monster he needed to, to get the clue for where the gate is he bumps into a gal called Art3mis…yep you would be right in thinking he has a crush on her. She is a “celebrity” in OASIS due to her power, shes a girl and her blog…. 


yeah I think I am going to leave that there. This is like 1/10 of the way but I dont really want to give spoilers. When I finish the book I’ll post a review of it (with spoilers) so keep tuned.

Beauty Review- Boardway nails: real life real short nails



Okay so here’s the deal, i have really small hands and nails, even the nail person back in 2010 when i had my prom said so. Anywho I have a real problem with growing my nails, yes i do bite them, its gotten a lot better now but i still bite. SO When ever i want to feel girly i always get fake nails. Now all the ones i have tried in the past have been too big, so i waste half of them or too long so i feel useless. However I did read on the internet that this company called “Boardway nails” do a petite size. I Have been looking everywhere for these nails till yesterday (25/7/13) I found some in Superdrug and boots, i went for superdrug thought because i get a NUS discount (hell yeah benefits of being a student)!!!

I Admit they are a bit expensive (around £7.95) but they are a lot better than i have had before. I feel as if i can do more than i could with others. In the pack you get 24 nails in 12 sizes, the smallest is a size 9 i think ( I use it for my little finger) and the Biggest is the I size. You also get glue, that stick thing and a file. Apply the glue to both your nail and the fake nail then stick on and hold for 5 seconds. And then voila your nails are done

What I’ve found that for some of my nails i might have to go a size smaller, and i only found that out after I put the glue on and stuck it down so i have learnt from that mistake.


In Conclusion 

These nails are the perfect buy for any girl who wants glamorous nails or for those who have really tiny baby hands like me (my hands are tiny and I am almost 20) and find that they can wear proper false nails.


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The Story of the Girls life lost to apple

This is a tail of a young girl called Becca, who’s parents were slaved to Apple Inc! They worked all day on the little machines that did nothing but wrecked their minds. Forgetting about their little girl.

One day she rose up against the machine and defeated them to get back her parents! 

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