How to deal with A Levels

Hey Guys,

I am Currently an A2 Level student at one of the colleges in my area, I’ve had an….how would you put it….interesting experience with college life, I’ve made mistakes, a few, and I want to make sure you don’t make the same ones I did.

Firstly prepare in adavnce…way in advance…it helps. I didn’t do well in my first year, I took Chemistry and Biology which are 2 of the hardest subjects and I did my revision but in the end it was the exam that got me…lesson learnt, do a lot of exam prep!

Secondly…if you do find you have to take up an extra AS level in your second year pick something that isn’t completely exam-COURSEWORK HELPS. Coursework is a way to boost your grade if you know you are rubbish in exams.

These College years are some of the hardest you will face. You just got to keep working and looking forward…and prepare 🙂 Always remember there’s always a reward at the end!


Good Luck



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