My top5 artists: most listened to on my iPod

Hey, This is my top 5 most listened artists on my iPod for April.

Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy

1. 2NE1 (pronounced To any one)

2NE1are a South Korean/Kpop girl band that consists of: CL (leader), Minzy, Dara and Bom. They are part of YG entertainment which is one of the biggest labels there. Their début song was “lollipop” which was a collaboration with another YG band Big Bang, this was March 27, 2009, since then 2NE1 have realised 2 mini albums (2ne1 and 2ne1 second mini album) and a full studio album (To Anyone), as well as albums in Japanese. On the 10th Novemeber 2011 they won MTV Iggy “best new band in the world”. My favourite 2NE1 song has to be (and this is a hard choice) Try to follow me.

Fanbase name: Blackjacks (21 card game)


This is another South Korean Girl band that consists of Hyosung, Zinger, Jieun and Sunhura. Their debut was in September 2009 with the song “I want you back”. They are part of TS entertainment and have had 2 EP’s (Secret time and Madonna) 1 studio album (Moving in Secret), 1 Japanese album, 2 single albums  and 2 Japanese EP’s. Zinger the rapper also has her own solo called “Amazinger” which is my favourite song.

Fanbase name: Secret4 or Secret time 

3.Every Avenue

I LOVE this band, they are described as “american pop punk” and follow bands like Fallout  Boy and P!@tD (Panic! At the disco). The band consists of: Dave, Jimmy, Josh, Matt and Denis. formed in 2003 and now signed to Fearless Records they have released 3 studio albums and 3 EP’s. My favourite songs include: Tell me I am a wreck, Forgive you,Hit me where it hurts the most…to be honest I love all their songs.

4.We are the in crowd

I’ve recently discovered We are the in crowd, even thought they formed in 2009 they already have 1 studio album and 1 EP. They are signed to Hopeless Records and the band consists of: Tay (the only girl), Jordan, mike, Rob and Cameron. Their a pretty cool band which are in the same genre as Every Avenue.

Lastly….5. Allstar Weekend 

This has to be one of my favourite bands, the group are: Zach, Cameron, Michael and previously Nathan. They formed in 2007 and were signed to Hollywood records (those Disney guys), came to fame from Disney’s: NEXT BIG THING. They Released their first album and EP (Suddenly Yours and Suddenly), in 2012 they became unsigned (after the release of second album all the way) as Hollywood records wouldn’t let them do their own style.

Fanbase name: ADUBBER or freakenders


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