Horrible Histories

If your a child, teenager, parent, teacher or just someone interested in History then you have probably heard of Horrible Histories.

Horrible Histories or HH is a popular children’s book series and TV program. The books were written by Terry Deary and covers everything from the Stone age to WWII. The books cover topics that children probably weren’t taught in school…as well as all the horrible bits in history which are generally missed out (as well as pictures :D)

The TV series brings the books to life! Each episode features sketches from each of the different eras. The show is presented by Rattus Rattus (a rat) who introduces each sketch with a witty remark as well as pops up with a sign saying

very silly


that’s true

Depending on what is happening.

The show does not only give kids information but entertains them with catchy songs (I’ve been singing: Dick Turpin and cleopatras songs in my head for the past week)! All songs give la information about that era, such as the Spartan school musical song where I’ve learnt that Spartan boys were taught how to fight and steal which were considered good unless you got caught stealing, I’ve also learnt about people like Dick Turpin who was a georgian highwayman who only got caught when he wrote a letter to he’s family.

All in all I say no matter what you age is you have to watch horrible histories…it’s a great source of knowledge, and is good for entertainment

20120602-100802 PM.jpg

20120602-100816 PM.jpg


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