Who I’ll Like the meet

Okay so I was thinking early who I would love to meet 1) go see at a gig and 2) have tea with (as in scones and a good cuppa) so i decided you know what I’ll Write my List here!

S=seen at a gig, W=Would love to see them, M=Meet them, F= would Faint if i meet them

2ne1 W,F
Adam Lambert W,F
All Star Weekend W,F
Benedict Cumberbatch F (I wouldn’t actually know what to do)
Big bang W,F especially if TOP is there ❤
Darren Shan M, he has really warm hands
Demi Lovato W,F
Ed Sheeran I am going to see him live on 28/10/12, F
Eoin Colfer F
Every Avenue W,F
Jamie Campbell Bower F (defo would faint, actually had a dream I got to hang with him)
Jennifer Lawrence F
Kesha S,F
Martin Freeman F
MIKA S,F (would end up in a giggling mess)
Suzanne Collins F
The cast of Dexter F
the cast of TBBT F (would end up shouting SHELLY SHELLY SHELDON!!!!!)
The overtones M (left the place and my legs were shaking), W
The script S,F (…please let me meet them)
ting tings S,F (Katie actually shood infront of me and my mate)

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