Herbal Essences Moroccan my shine

Completely forgot about this till now. So last week I went out and brought the new herbal essences shampoo and conditioner because my mum was like “oh yeah there’s a new one with that oil stuff you like”

Managed to use it the other day and let me tell you after washing my hair it felt just like it does after a trip to the salon.
My hair is naturally curly , but I made the decision about 5 years ago to chemically straighten it (which means the hair dresser comes to my house and spends 2 to 3 hours basically reverse perming it to get it straight). Because of the treatment and what I put on my hair on a weekly basis my hair can sometimes look unhealthy, specially after a week when its unbelievably greasy :/ that was unroll I used argan oil aka my hair life saver.

Using this new shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel noticeably soft. However as I said before I have to use a fair amount of heat so for added protection I used tresseme heat blow dry spray thing with argan oil , focusing on the ends, as well as the small bottle you can buy in primark. And my hair, since I did it on Tuesday , has felt soooooooooooo soft and its just effortless , it hasn’t greased up as much and still has the just washed and styled feel.


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