Music Monday- fallout boy YBC finale

Warning: may contain spoilers

So on the 21st / 22nd of May fallout boy released the last 2 videos to the young blood chronicals : miss missing you and save rock and roll .

I was amazed, I sat there watching pete get chased by patrick. I was on the egde of my bed literally gasping because I could see how miss missing you was going to end. Then on to save rock and roll, and we all knew Elton john would be in it and he did take the form of an Angel. The band saves everyone from Courtney love’s armg of “silence” women. But I have to admit I was a bit confused, the video its self suggests to me and another one of my friends that there should be a epilogue of some sort but thats the last song on the album.

Either way it was definatly worth the wait, especially to see Patrick return to “normal” and play with he’s band again…. I want to know whats in the box thought.

videos will be posted later tonight so keep an eye out if you havent seen them yet

Thoughts in the comments below what was your favourite part of the YBC and why?


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