This review is about the “Satin Soft” shaver for ladies. It’s basically a lady version of a men’s shaver. I picked mine up from B&M Bargains ( it was £4.99- a bargain!!

It is meant to work on both dry and wet skin and can be used on both legs and underarms.


It is an alternative method of shaving, one which I had been looking at for a while especially after my last razor incident took off a small section of skin on my knee (tmi)….


The unboxing

When I unboxed it the first thing that happened was that the razor guard fell off -_-“. I was kind of scared that I spent £4.99 on something that would be rubbish…

You basically just get the shaver, no extra fancy things like a charger or batteries which did upset me however its justified by the low price of the product.


Dry skin first 

I was kind of afraid of using it at first in case it snagged or something but I have to say it worked pretty well. I went over areas about 2 times to make sure it got all the hair and when i looked at my legs I was pleased to find there was no hair and it did a better job than my shaver, it also took less time as well.


Wet skin 

You can use this on wet skin with the help of shaving foam (which I did) and although it looked like it did a good job I wasn’t as impressed as I was with the dry skin. To me it felt awkward trying to get this machine to work on wet foamy skin…



I would definitely recommend this to people who want an electric shaver. It works as well as a fancy pants expensive shaver and does a pretty good job of getting the little bits of hair off your leg and under arms. At the price of £4.99 as well its pretty good. I am happy with my results and I haven’t experienced the little cuts or razor burn I would normally feel.


Bec’s Rating 4.5/5

(for the fact that the lid fell off and is kinda rubbish)


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