Review: HP Stream 13″

So I have had my HP Stream 13″ for half a year now. This Laptop is lightweight, durable and easy to use.

I brought this as a laptop to use at university, my faithful Samsung is slowly dying so it’s not ideal to be taking to university. This laptop is quick and starts up in about 5 seconds. The battery life is pretty impressive too, normally it will last about 6 hours. On and off sleep about 5 hours or so.

Like I said before this laptop is mainly for university. However the hard drive is not too big so you will need to load a MicroSD card for extra storage ( I currently have a 64 GB card for my documents and other stuff). The only thing I will say bad about this laptop is that the speakers crackle a lot! I had to take one back because of it. My current HP isnt too bad but there is still a slight crackle. However I did not buy it for the sound.

I have not took it apart yet but it looks straight forward.


– Lightweight 

 Good for everyday general use

Good Battery life 

– Quick to wake up from sleep 

– Not a Cloud laptop 


– Sound issue 

– Mouse can be a bit annoying 

Overall impression: 7/10 



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