Huawei P9 lite + Tesco mobile review

So I recently decided to buy the Huawei p9 Lite (outright no sim yet). The mobile itself cost about £230. It is lightweight, fast and a really nice phone. 

Compared to my 1GB ram, 8GB storage 3 year old moto g 4g. The Huawei P9 lite has about 3GB ram and 16GB internal storage. I haven’t had the phone long enough to do a full performance review but I can say at the moment this little baby is quick !! 

The reason for all this was my ongoing one sided fight with tesco mobile. As everyone in the world knows, Pokemon go recently got released in the UK. So me being a huge pokefan (yes I am calling myself that) decided to download load it. I know my old moto was slow so I didn’t mind taking 2x as long to catch a Pidgy. What I did mind is the fact that in a small little village just outside Stratford upon Avon I couldn’t get signal. Even through in tescos coverage map it says I should have good signal there….lies. 

So, even though my phone contractsnot up till next year I thought “stuff this …  I am gonna do things right”… I have had many many many issues with tesco and this was the last straw, as I am no longer on a part time sales assistant wage I can afford to spludge. 

Let’s just say after 30 mins on the phone, and thanks to a very awesome dad I manage to get my early termination fee lowered by 50% !! 

…tesco is good as a starter network or if you live in the city 24/7 however I would be a bit more wary if you tend to work in the rural !!


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