Got my ear pierced

So yesterday (20/05) I went into my town centre and visited a shop called Blue Banana.

For those of you who don’t know what Blue Banana is, they are an alternative clothing, piercing specialist, and tattoo shop.

I’ve been to them in the past for my seconds and thirds and they took really good care. When I had these done, you use to have to pay for the aftercare kit which was a shame.

When I went in yesterday I spoke to a lovely lady on the counter, she walked me through the kind of metal I should get as I have sensitive skin when it comes to piercings. I filled out a form on a tablet, which is something new, as in the past it was paper based.

I was told to, if I wanted to wait, go to the basement and put the piercing in the tray, the waiting was the bit that took forever. However I don’t blame Blue Banana for that. The music was repetitive but the piercers were that busy they didn’t have time to change the track.

Once I was finally seen, the piercer got straight to work marking up my ear for the perfect placement. She clamped my ear and then told me to take a deep breath. She then used a needle to pierce my ear, the pain lasted for about a second. Another deep breath and she popped the earring in. It was over just like that.

She walked through the aftercare with me, and I was on my way. Best thing was they gave you a little pouch with some salt and tea tree oil for free.

Below is the result, the little piercing in my helix.



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