Merry Christmas 2014

Wow almost the end of 2014. This year has been amazing. Not only did I find myself a placement, I am really enjoy what I am doing, I also decided I want to get a certification in Mircosoft Office. I also was lucky enough to go to MCM in london, where I missed the amazing Wendee Lee but I had an amazing time. I also enjoyed nights out with my boyfriend and he’s friends. As well as planning for a trip to Japan next summer :D.

Anyways how is your christmas going?

I have had a pretty good day so far. Got a text from my boyfriend which was beyond sweet and romantic. He spoilt me this year too. Not only did he tell one of he’s friends to buy me a toothless plushie but he got me a Toothless Pop Vinyl :D <3 (as well as a pikachu purse and the Bane Chronicles).


October’s Review: Stuff I’ve brought

Hey Guys,

So we’e in another month already and its almost the end of the year. So I thought “let’s do a review on what I have brought over the October month”.

My First product is the “Technic Eye Crayon”. I’ve only used it once (mainly because I thought I lost it) however I do like how effortlessly it is to put on. Its a soft eyeliner so you don’t need much force. The only problem I had was that it did smudge a bit when I wore it but I think that was to do with the fact my eyes were watering! I brought mine from “BodyCare” for 99p however you can find this product at Amazon or Ebay or any other online shops.

Next is “NYC Lip Stain: Berry Long Time”. This is a 16hr Smooch proof lipstain. I like this product more than I do my collection lip stains but not as much as I do my other lip colours. I wore this colour the other day (so from 10:30 am) and I found that by about 2 pm / 3 pm the lip colour had gone. So that’s about 5hrs, I think if I was wearing it and did not drink or eat or kiss my boyfriend then it would probably stay on. (not very smooch proof ¬_¬) In its defense I do like the colour and it’s easy to put on too.

Product number 3 and 4 is Herbal Essences Dry shampoo both the volumizing one and the colour me happy one. I don’t have coloured hair, okay I have the few natural highligths. But I love this dry shampoo, It’s light, it doesn’t grey your hair and it smells nice (other dry shampoo to me smell the same but this doesnt) so even if you dont have colour hair I would say use this! The volumizing one however I am not too sure about. When I used it I found my hair had a horrible texture to it and felt really dry and straw like :/ however I do like the smell. I will continue to test thought to see if I can change my mind. But out of the 2 I would go for the colour me one.

For pictures of the products please see the gallery below and if you have tried any of these products please let me and everyone know what you think of it. Whether you love it or hate it let us know :)

The Ting Tings- Super Critical

Hey all,

So yesterday The ting tings released their new album “Super Critical”. And I have it! After a bit of a mix up with Amazon that led to me having to go to HMV to buy it (its cheaper there than at Amazon btw) I managed to put it in and listen to it.

I have to say I really like it. Its got the groups recognizable style of Katie’s vocals, awesome guitar riffs and a steady beat. After the release of “Sounds from nowheresville” and that album release tour I was ready for a new album. But as we all know the ting tings take a while to release new material. So I am uber excited about this CD.

The thing I love about the Ting tings is that even though they take a while to get new music out, what they produce is amazing. They take time into writing and recording and craft their songs, unlike other singers. You can tell they take a lot of effort and care into their work to get their unique sound. Super Critical is no exception.

If you haven’t already check out “Wrong Club” and “Do it again” below.

TWITCH- InfinityI66

Want to watch gameplay of Evil Within (no this is not one of those annoying ad things, I am helping someone who I know get more views on twitch :P) check out InfinityI66.

InfinityI66 is a Birmingham based guy who plays xbox one games on twitch (who also owns a PS3). He’s the type of person who will play a game till the end before starting on a new one, unless he gets too impatient. He’s not the type of person who will talk over the gameplay either (at the moment that is), he likes to play with out a commentary.

He is a hardcore gamer, playing since he was little. Recently he’s been playing the new Alien game and evil within. He may get annoyed with the monsters in the games but he will keep on going.

So yeah if you want to see this really cool guy play evil within on Xbox One. Then check out he’s Twitch: InfinityI66 !

The mortal instruments to become a TV series ?!?!


Hey All Shadowhunters So today I read that TMI might be returning as a TV series. I fully support this decision if I did. The film, even though I thought their interpretation of the book was pretty cool, didn’t do the … Continue reading

Industrial Placement Update….

Hello fellow internet people and students.

As I’ve said in one f my previous posts (link opens in new tab/window) I am doing a year in industry which to recap is where I take a year out from being taught and spend it in a place where I want to eventually end up working. For me I am an IT technician at a school, which although it’s not what I want to do when I graduate it’s teaching me skills I may need in my future job. 


Right this is going to be quiet a serious post as it is todo with student finance England….Yes the company that gives out the loans to students. This is about the struggles I have faced with my year 3 application…. I seriously hope none of you guys have to face this and if you have I do feel sorry for you. Sorting out your SFE is a major part of university as without an approved loaned you wont be able to pay your accommodation/tuition fees. 

Way back when I first applied for SFE in 2012 I put down that my course was a 4 year sandwich course, this was all approved and I was stress free and getting my payments. Then they changed the way the website worked and you were automatically enrolled for loans. This messed up my application. A lot. 

So I am sitting there checking up for my application at the start of the year (2014 that is) when I noticed that it had been changed to a 3 year full time course…this isnt right I hear you say… 

So I leave it an hope it changes then I get my letter through for next years loan to the univeristy. So I call up SFE and ask them and they said “oh yes there’s a button on the website you can press to change it” I go to the website and at that time there wasn’t. So I leave it a while before calling back. I was then told that they will put a note on my file and get it changed. IT still wasn’t and I get another letter through about next year. So I called back to say it still hasn’t changed and the guy says I have to fill in a form, so that is filled in sent off. Then I get another letter with a change in the amount: the tuition fee is £1 (i think they had to put a value) and my maintenance loan was slightly lower. FINALLY something has been done and my application has been changed…….Yeah I was wrong. 


I go online to see if I can change the tuition loan fee when I discover that my application still hadn’t been changed. I again got another letter through for my third year fees -_- so back online I went and this time there was a button so I pressed the change in circumstances and hoped that would work….until 22nd August when I received the tuition fees for what they think is my final year. 

I rang up SFE and was told to go to another depart as the one dept systems was down. I got through and after about 15 mins of being on hold my application has been put in for manual amendment. 

This makes me think about how students finances are being managed. The IT people for one should have made sure that when they migrated the data over all the data was correct and that there were no errors. The company should have checked that students who on the old system said they were doing 4 year placement, were still put down for that on the new system. Another thing is that the case should have been solved on the first or second call not on the 6th. 

As pleasant as they seem on the phone I am annoyed at SFE for stressing me out. I would urge all students to keep an eye on what they are actually getting for them and to monitor their account online especially if you are doing a placement. 






This review is about the “Satin Soft” shaver for ladies. It’s basically a lady version of a men’s shaver. I picked mine up from B&M Bargains ( it was £4.99- a bargain!!

It is meant to work on both dry and wet skin and can be used on both legs and underarms.


It is an alternative method of shaving, one which I had been looking at for a while especially after my last razor incident took off a small section of skin on my knee (tmi)….


The unboxing

When I unboxed it the first thing that happened was that the razor guard fell off -_-“. I was kind of scared that I spent £4.99 on something that would be rubbish…

You basically just get the shaver, no extra fancy things like a charger or batteries which did upset me however its justified by the low price of the product.


Dry skin first 

I was kind of afraid of using it at first in case it snagged or something but I have to say it worked pretty well. I went over areas about 2 times to make sure it got all the hair and when i looked at my legs I was pleased to find there was no hair and it did a better job than my shaver, it also took less time as well.


Wet skin 

You can use this on wet skin with the help of shaving foam (which I did) and although it looked like it did a good job I wasn’t as impressed as I was with the dry skin. To me it felt awkward trying to get this machine to work on wet foamy skin…



I would definitely recommend this to people who want an electric shaver. It works as well as a fancy pants expensive shaver and does a pretty good job of getting the little bits of hair off your leg and under arms. At the price of £4.99 as well its pretty good. I am happy with my results and I haven’t experienced the little cuts or razor burn I would normally feel.


Bec’s Rating 4.5/5

(for the fact that the lid fell off and is kinda rubbish)